for Faith communities

Faith-based organizations have long been important providers of services to young people and the broader community, creating links between youth, families, and the community. Research on faith-based institutions and the role of religious organizations, such as churches and synagogues, suggests that they can contribute to community-wide efforts to promote youth development in several key areas, helping to reduce risky behaviors, building a value base from which young people make decisions, and involving a variety of people across the life span. While schools and social service agencies reach only targeted populations, congregations often touch a cross-section of the population.

National Research Council, Academy of Medicine, 2002

Religious institutions are in a unique position to positively affect the lives of teens because parents and families already rely on them for assistance in helping young people understand how and why values are important.  Parents should be one of the primary source of information about sexuality for their children, but most parents want help in the process.  Incorporating sexuality education into our faith communities not only empowers youth to actively integrate faith values into their sexual decision-making, but also strengthens the health of the entire community.  

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX can be a great tool for initiating conversations in congregations and taking the first steps towards helping our young people make healthier decisions. Use the links to the left to view some resources and Let's Talk About Sex: An Introduction and Discussion Guide for Faith Based Communities.